All precise instruments as well 3Color® products require regular calibration to maintain optimum performance within the manufacturer’s specifications and tolerances.
Our products require two types of calibration - daily and annual. Daily calibration consists in calibrating the device by the user with the help of calibration accessories attached to the product. Annual calibration is performed by an authorized 3Color® service using professional service tools. In the event of a discrepancy in the measurement results, the device undergoes adjustment or additional service operations.
Service calibration is recommended for all 3Color® products at least once a year. Before performing the calibration, the service checks the technical condition of the device, including: battery, optics, buttons, housing, calibration plate. A calibrated device leaves the service with a positive check result. The confirmation of the correct operation of the device is the issue of a Calibration Certificate by the service.
The condition for starting calibration service is sending an RMA (Return Material Authorization) document to 3Color®. After receiving the RMA document, 3Color® will inform you of the next steps for the calibration service request.

RMA (Return Material Authorization) form:

warranty form