There are two types of color measuring instruments:  colorimeter and spectrophotometer. 3Color® produces 2 models of colorimeters that have a modern design, user-friendly navigation and a competitive price. Both of our models are portable battery-powered devices.


The colorimeter is widely used in various industries, such as plastics, printing, paints, textiles, food, etc. It measures basic color values ​​such as L*a*b *, L*c*h*, color difference ΔE and ΔLab in accordance with CIE color space.


The colorimeter can be used to determine the color and color differences. You can use it for simple color quality control or to find a color card (RAL, Pantone, NCS). To make the choice of the instrument more specific and to meet the expectations of our customers, we created 3 options depending on the application in the CP20 model (glass protective lens, real-time camera, color card reader function)


A kit is available to measure the insoluble color bodies generated by grease in operating turbine oils using membrane filter colorimetry (MPC).


CP 10

An economical colorimeter for basic color control. Where the accepted repeatability is greater than or equal to 0.1 (ΔE≥0.1). It measures the sample color values of L*a*b*, L*c*h*, RGB and color difference ΔE and ΔLab according to CIE color space.

CP 20

CP 20 is an improved version of the CP-10 colorimeter. The device has repeatability at the level ΔE <0.08 and additional colorimetric indexes WI and YI. Has also additional 3 options like sample view camera, safety glass or color cards reader.